Our show

Every day we upload some podcasts related to family law. Here are some of the shows you can listen to:

Child Adoption


In this show, Al Franken gives an overview of adoption and guides viewers about the main considerations in this area. You will get answers to some common questions related to this subject.

Child Relocation after Divorce


In this program, you will find information about child relocation. Parents will get guidance if they are thinking of relocating permanently abroad with their children. It also tells you how to take care of your child after divorce and the roles that need to be played by each parent.

Getting Divorce


This program talks about the process of getting a divorce. You will learn about the various factors that you need to take into consideration when you decide to file a divorce. You will know how your funds will be divided, who will be getting custody of your child, how your credits will be arranged, etc.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


In this show, you will hear about the various alternative dispute resolutions that are available. You don’t need to go to the court to resolve your family issues. It might affect your children and social life. So, you will know about the other routes that are available to you.

All these programs are saved in the archive. So, you can hear them whenever you have time. The podcasts are of very high quality, and the topics are discussed by Al Franken and other renowned family lawyers.