4 common types of domestic violence for which you can hire a lawyer

Domestic problem is growing in our society. It is affecting millions of lives. Domestic violence occurs when your current or former partner cause you physical, sexual or psychological harm. Here are some common types of domestic violence that are considered criminal offense and you should consult a lawyer for justice.

Physical violence


This occurs when your partner intentionally uses physical force to harm or kill you. It can be the use of a weapon or bodily strength to harm another person. Physical violence includes biting, burning, grabbing, or punching.

Sexual violence


It means forcing your partner to have sex. It also includes having sex with someone who cannot refuse due to disability, illness or influence of drugs. If the victim does not understand the act, then also it is considered to be a sexual violence; for example, the case of a child.

Threats of violence


Using words, motions, looks, gestures, or weapons to threat or harm someone. Even if the act is not carried out, it will be considered an offense and the person can be taken under law.

Psychological or emotional abuse


Using threats, acts or other means to cause emotional trauma on someone is considered to be psychological abuse. If there were a physical or sexual abuse before then giving, threats would be considered as psychological violence this time. Psychological abuse includes humiliation, controlling someone, separating the victim from family and friend, not giving him or her access to money, etc.

According to research, if domestic violence is not prevented, it gets worse. You will find many resources online to help you with domestic violence cases.

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